Jill and Jimmy Greenfield

We are a family who is so fortunate to have had Debbie Haymon in our lives over the past 5 years. She began working with our son just as he was transitioning out of EI. We knew that there was still a great deal of work ahead and she helped to ease that transition for us. The combination of her experience and gentle loving manner was instantly the combination that helped to build rapport not only with our son but with us as parents.

We followed Debbie when she said she was opening her own clinic. We were excited to see her follow her dreams and her clinic reflected how important it was for her to have all the necessary equipment, space and multisensory games to address the varying needs of all the children she would work with. Debbie was a critical member of a larger therapy team for our son. Debbie not only tailored each OT session to address what body issues were going on that day, but she also was able to keep in mind larger goals and worked collaboratively with other disciplines.

We called upon Debbie in a variety of ways. She was a strong voice in IEP meetings if needed, she led sessions at preschool if needed, and she worked with our younger son as it became obvious that he too needed some assistance. She has worked with each of our sons individually as well as together. Most importantly she is not afraid of trying new ideas and she always has time to listen to family concerns. We don’t know where we would be without Debbie. She is a very gifted therapist, a wonderfully kind person and a very hard worker. We would recommend her without hesitation to any family. She is exceptional.

Sherry Bryant & John W.

These comments are from both of us. We the grandparents babysit our two granddaughters, now ages six and three, each Monday, and so we have brought them often to Smart Moves Pediatrics for Occupational therapy.  We have observed their O.T. exercises and activities and have met with the therapists.

We are both former school social workers who worked extensively with elementary school children, Special Education teams, and related specialists. We’ve never seen better services than those provided to our granddaughters at Smart Moves Pediatrics.  The girls love to come to O.T. and are eager to engage in even difficult exercises and activities.  We have been greatly impressed at the superb skills shown by the therapists in bonding with the girls, using innovative and enjoyable activities and strategies, encouraging and motivating the girls, and providing specific but varied tasks each session.  The therapists also describe both broad and specific goals for each child based upon their needs.

Our granddaughters not only greatly enjoy their sessions, they have made real progress and growth that we can see in self confidence, core strength, and related physical and social skills.  As grandparents and professionals, we could not be more impressed or pleased by the OT services our granddaughters have received.

Dana & Andres Jaramillo

Over the last two years, Ms. Debbie Haymon has truly been a joy to work with and has made a great impact in our lives. Our son came to SmartMoves Pediatrics at 3 yrs old after being evaluated by another OT who identified him as having Sensory Integration Disorder and being a Sensory Seeker. She came highly recommended by a friend as one of the leading Sensory experts in the area. Unlike our previous OT experience, I immediately liked how Debbie included me in my son’s sessions so I could witness and learn first hand the exercises and activities that could help our son at home.

Her facility is by far the most extensive, well-equipped and FUN place a kid could imagine, so it has never been a problem convincing our son to visit Debbie. But more than any of that, Debbie’s genuine caring personality and love for what she does shines through with ever interaction with our son. She is always happy to see him, always has a new toy or activity that will captivate his attention, and always ready to handle any mood that he is in that day.

Debbie’s caring personality has also shown through in that she has always been just as much of a support to me as a parent as she is to my son. On days I just needed an hour of quiet, I sat peacefully in her waiting room while she worked with my son. On the days I needed to cry, she sat with me and offered encouraging words. And on days I was ready to play, she taught me strategies to help my son.

I am happy to say that after two years of working with Debbie, our son in ready to graduate from OT. Because she is always up to date on the new technologies and techniques, she introduced us to Listening Therapy, which helped our son better regulate himself and allowed him to make great improvement in coping with the world around him. With these tools and thanks to Debbie, I feel grateful that our son will be ready to cope with Kindergarten in the coming year.